Alumni Association Scholastic Recognition Banquet- May 16, 2016

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971 E. Banta Road

Indianapolis, In 46227


February 9, 2016

News Release—

Southport High School is accepting nominations through March 9 for the 2016 Outstanding Alumnus award to be presented at the Alumni Association Scholastic Recognition Banquet on Monday, May 16, 2016.  The award honors a living person who graduated from SHS at least 25 years ago—this year that means 1991 or before.  All nominees from the past ten years are considered each year.  If you have nominated a candidate in the past, the school would greatly appreciate updated information on your candidate as well.

Letters of recommendation should be sent by Wednesday, March 9, to Southport High School, 971 E. Banta Road, Indianapolis, In 46227, Attn: Ms. Julie Breeden, or an electronic application is available on the school website, or on the alumni association website.  Submit to .  A letter should include information about the nominee, as in year of graduation, family, academic achievements, community and church service, youth work, professional achievements and prior honors and awards.

Last year’s recipient was Dr. Philip C. Borst, D.V. M., who graduated from SHS with the class of 1968.  He is also a graduate of the Purdue University.  Dr. Borst is the owner of the Shelby Street Animal Clinic.  He represented Perry Township on the Indianapolis City-County Council for 28 years between 1980 and 2007.  He was a founding member of the Perry Township Senior Citizen Services and continues to serve as the Co-chairman of the Big Ten’s Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournament, as a member of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame board of directors, the Indianapolis Airport Authority Board of Directors and as an advisor to the Visit Indy Board of Directors.

Other past honorees include David Shaffer 2014; Chuck Stumpf, 2013; Dr. Jeffrey Kellams, 2012; Dr. Jeffery DeWester, 2011; Mr. Steven Bowles, 2010; Dr. Darlene Sayers Kardatzke, 2009; Lucinda Orme Bertram, 2008; Marvin Christie, 2007; Harold Skillman, 2006; Ruth Ake Mercer 2005; George Dudgeon, 2004; Wiley Emery, 2003; Jeff Kasting, 2002; Dr. Kenneth R. Huff, 2001; Greg Maybury, 2000; Rex Joseph, 1999; Frank Winchell, 1998; William Leck, 1997; William Kiesel, 1996; Steve Harnedy 1995; William F. Quebe, 1994; Dr. H. O. “Buzz” Hickman, 1993; Carole Wade Myers, 1992; David Frick, 1991; Albert Theil, 1990; Beverly Carmichael Heid, 1989; Dr. Louis Gunneman, 1988; Vincent Schaefer, 1987; Dr. Blanche Penrod, 1986; Charles Orme, 1985; Harold Jordan, 1984.

A large plaque in the school’s main lobby will bear the picture and name of this year’s honoree, as it does those of previous winners.

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